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Mole Mapping

Dr. Morrow Dermatology is now happy to provide a state-of-the-art service to help you monitor any moles you may be worried about and to provide full body mapping and computerised monitoring of mole changes from year-to-year. Having a regular full mole scan is the best way to be sure other moles are not dangerous or changing.

We are one of the first clinics in Ireland using the automated, Artificial Intelligence (AI) supported, total body mole mapping system (Fotofinder ATBM Master). This equipment scans your body and photographs and analyses the moles (using advanced AI algorithms to compare moles with a large database of mole patterns). It will store the moles captured in the session in your profile so that changes can be monitored in the next consultation.

As a double check, all mole scans are also reviewed by Dr. Morrow (who, with the help of her many years of experience in skin cancer diagnosis and treatment, will add her personal expertise to the analysis) and she will personally consult with the patient by telephone following the scan and arrange prompt follow-up treatment if needed.

Please note the mole scan is carried out by a trained technician and Dr. Morrow will not be present at the scan.

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Mole Mapping using Fotofinder ATBM Master

  • State-of-the-art Body mapping developed by German company Fotofinder
  • Mole Mapping procedure is extremely fast (10 minutes), and particularly suitable in times of Covid-19, for social distancing, as the operator stays at the computer.
  • Combination of total body photography and digital dermoscopy
  • All visible moles mapped and examined
  • Total Body Mapped, including palms and soles
  • Mole analysis: high sensitivity and specificity
  • Identify new moles and changes in previous moles
  • Consultant dermatologist led and reported (in post-procedure telephone consultation) service to provide reassurance to the technological analysis.
  • For single or multiple moles
  • Full-body skin examination
  • Suspicious moles can be identified and prompt excision arranged.



Cost of Full-body Mole mapping: €250

This includes Setting up a personal profile, Full body scan and recording of moles, Computer analysis of all moles, review of mole scan  by consultant and post-procedure mini-consultation with consultant.

Mole Mapping FAQ

  • How often should I get my moles checked?

    It is recommended to have an annual screening if you are at a high risk for skin cancer. Factors that increase your risk of developing skin cancer include: blonde or red hair, light eye colour and skin that freckles or sunburns easily. You are also more likely to develop skin cancer if:

    -People in your family have had melanoma

    -You’ve had unusual moles in the past

    -You’ve had sunburns in the past, especially any that blistered

    -You’ve used sunbeds

    -You have more than 50 moles or any that look irregular

    -You have had an organ transplant

    -You are on immunosuppressive medication.

  • How can I tell if a mole needs further investivation?

    If your mole has changed shape, size, texture, colour, or is bleeding, you should have it checked by a trained doctor / medical dermatologist for potential melanoma.

  • Where can I get a mole check near me?

    Dr Morrow Dermatology is a Dublin mole clinic providing mole checks and advice on irregular moles. Get in touch to book an appointment.